Get to Know Us

MM Legal Services Professional Corporation is a small commercial and residential real estate practice, with a focus on representing tenants in their residential lease matters. This focus came about when the Managing Partner, Melissa Nowak, was asked to review a residential lease for her niece who was renting a room near McMaster in Hamilton. The terms of the lease were patently unfair toward the tenant, and afforded the Landlord to enter her room without providing notice (in violation of the Residential Tenancies Act), and made her Guarantor joint and severally liable under the lease for the other housemates. My concern for her safety and her Guarantor’s risk prompted the review of her and her friends’ leases to discover that this population is woefully underrepresented. MM Legal Services PC seeks address this problem for tenants by offering an affordable, flat fee lease review to provide tenants, and their guarantors, the comfort that their financial and safety interests are protected.

Did you know?

The vast majority of residential leases signed in the Greater Toronto Area are not reviewed by a legal professional from the Tenant or Landlord side, and largely do not comply with the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, SO 2006, c 17.